Cinema Sundays for Social Justice

Documentaries to fuel the mind and stoke the spirit!

Movies at 1:00 PM followed by discussion @ the Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice.

By donation – popcorn available – kids welcome!
For more information:  604 215 2775

Sunday March 6:  Spirit of the Struggle
FIERCE LIGHT: WHERE SPIRIT MEETS ACTION… “Fuelled by the belief that “another world is possible,” Fierce Light is a compelling, global journey into the world of spirit in  action, an exploration of what Martin Luther King called “Love in Action,” and Gandhi called “Soul Force”; what Ripper is calling “Fierce Light.”

Sunday April 3: Sunday de-Skool
SCHOOLING THE WORLD: THE WHITE MAN’S LAST BURDEN… “takes a challenging, sometimes funny, ultimately deeply troubling look at the role played by modern education in the destruction of the world’s last sustainable indigenous cultures… it questions our very definitions of wealth and poverty – and of knowledge and ignorance.”

Sunday May 8: Social Medicine
HEALTH FOR SALE… “asks: are the world’s largest drug companies, paradoxically,       major obstacles to making a healthier world? World health is too precious to be treated as just another commodity. Health for Sale calls into question whether global markets and       corporations can be trusted to serve the interests of a majority of the earth’s population.”

Sunday June 5:  Feeding Mind and Body
Travel to the streets of Los Angeles, where FOOD NOT LAWNS combats the lack of healthy, affordable food and growing hunger in urban working class communities of colour.  Then to West Oakland, where THE PEOPLE’S GROCERY “works toward creating a food system that prioritizes the needs of the urban poor.” Finally, to Cuba, where SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE … “creates the largest program in sustainable agriculture ever undertaken.”


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